YouTube Removing More Drill Videos For Provoking Violence


Metropolitan Police have reported that YouTube will be removing more drill videos for provoking violence. 

As of last month, YouTube have deleted 102 of 129 videos requested by Scotland Yard, meaning that the video-sharing website has now approved 80% of requests, as opposed to previously where only 30 videos were granted removal within 3 years. 

Although the sub-genre has found mainstream commercial success, with artists attaining millions of views online, Scotland Yard believe elements of the music encourage further violence; due to references of real-life violent events.

Detective Superintendent Mike West, who runs Operation Domain, the unit that scans YouTube to request the removal of videos, said: “The fact we’ve got more taken down in six months compared to in two and a half, three years, is a step in the right direction.”

Mr West expressed that they only flag content that creates “a risk and a harm”, and are not attempting to censor artists. However, advocacy director Corey Stoughton, of human rights group Liberty, said: “Incitement to violence is a crime but the overwhelming focus on drill music further marginalises minority communities and diverts attention from the root causes of violence.”

Mr West further insists that he has “quite good knowledge” of the genre, and stands by his belief that some drill music poses a unique threat. “The key distinction is naming of individuals or the code word for the individuals or gangs,” he said.

“I’m talking about people deliberately calling out, naming other gangs to generate purely a violent retaliatory response – that’s the difference.”