Woman breaks into Drake’s home and steals $10 worth of water and soda!


Drake has had most of our attention this year, from his Boy Meets World tour to his phenomenal latest project ‘More Life. But now it seems he’s in the spotlight for a less positive matter, last night a woman broke into Aubreys house, yes his actual house and stole $10 worth of water and soda!  According to TMZ, the woman was 24 years old and she was caught wearing one of the rappers hoodies, this actually happened April 3rd around 10.30pm however the woman how now been charged. She claimed she had permission to enter the premises and cops said there were no signs of breaking, however soda was all she wanted, can’t fault a thirsty chick aye?!

Oh and just for the record, this isn’t the same woman who is claiming she is pregnant for Drake, instagram model ‘Layla Lace’ has reported she is pregnant for him but he is ignoring her. She’s uploaded her ‘proof’ to her social media sites but fans still aren’t believing it, Drake is yet to comment on it and he may never do, either way Drake stays being centre of attention!