Will P Money V Dot Rotten Be The Best Grime Clash Ever?


P Money has zero interest in clashing Dot Rotten. And if Dot Rotten wanted to clash anybody else, well…this article wouldn’t exist. But it’s precisely because it’s P Money AND it’s Dot Rotten that this has to happen.

Firstly, P Money has absolutely nothing to gain from this. P has been at the centre of two high profile clashes; everyone knows what P does. Another clash isn’t gonna make him any bigger. Tinie Tempah on Lord of the Mics is news, P isn’t. P is big enough that anyone who listens to grime has already made their mind about him.

He’d make bigger headlines making an R&B album. Dot Rotten is hardly a nobody but it’s fair to say that P Money has the larger profile. Dot definitely has more to gain from this; exactly what is hard to say, ignoring his talent he doesn’t seem to particularly care about rapping. Dot and P’s styles are polar opposites but they’re also evenly matched. (Big H is great, but it’s not an understatement to say he was outmatched. And Ghetts simply didn’t want to clash) Which is another reason why this would be a great clash. Can we say they’re the Ryu and Ken of grime?…probably not. But a gold star if you can tell the two rappers apart here:

Deeper Than Rap

Their issues go way back. It pretty much starts and ends with N.E. Following the break up of south London’s Essentials (notable for ‘Jenny‘ and ‘State Your Name‘) Jendor and N.E founded OGz. According to Jendor, N.E. was crucial to Dot Rotten’s early career. He brought him into OGz, put out his grime classic ‘Bazooka‘ and even gave him a place to stay. Dot didn’t get along with people in OGz; Little Dee and Jendor in particular. And (according to P) Dot among other things made a diss record for Dee. Dot left, Little Dee and Jendor started sending for Dot and tensions worsened. Then N.E passed away. Dot felt that given the tensions he didn’t want to start any trouble at the funeral so decided not to attend. The rest of OGz felt this was disrespectful and here we are.

Beef between OGz and Dot Rotten has already gotten physical as well as:

Dot 1
dot 2
dot 3
ruger 2
So it’s clear it’s not just Twitter beef. To compare; Big H said he was the best and someone tweeted ‘What about P Money?‘; H said he’d clash him and that was that.

There are MC’s that can drop a 64 bar freestyle; but can’t get a reload at Eskimo Dance. MC’s that can drop a great mixtape but wouldn’t know what to do in a clash. P has proven time and again he can do it all.
P Money is an MC’s MC. Firstly there’s the above grime tribute ‘Sounds And Gimmicks‘ (and its sequels); tribute to Dizzee Rascal in ‘P Is A Rascal‘, endless reload bars, the godfather of grime made a song about him and most importantly he’s a war MC. Just listen to him talk about the art of clashing here.

Bar Skepta and maybe Wiley (for the sheer number of clashes) P is one of grime’s top war MC’s. Which speaks to his reputation seeing as two of his biggest clashes didn’t really happen.

During the P Money V Ghetts beef; despite replying to P’s dubs, Ghetts declined the actual clash and H? H literally walked off; demanding more money to continue clashing P. Instead of taking the win by default; P followed H out and tried to get him to continue. P was that on it. So much so that he put his clash bars into a track:

It’s hard but it’s this line in particular that stands out:

That ain’t a German whip, it’s
I said that ain’t a German whip, it’s French
Seat belts fucked and your gear stick’s dench
Clutch is F’d, petrol’s red
Car full crums, boot is a mess
Winding down the windows with a wrench
How can your back seats feel like a bench?
Used to be skinny, got in your car
Turned the wheel once, came out hench!

This bar is why we need the Dot Rotten v P Money clash. Disses/clashes/war bars are endlessly entertaining but this is something else. There’s actual storytelling here. Context, setup and payoff this would never work in the playground this is just some sophisticated high brow dissing.

Now put that level of creative dissing against this:

Dot Rotten doesn’t seem to have many friends in the scene. Whether that’s through his own actions is irrelevant. The point is; people sleep on Dot, but at the same time he’s objectively in everyone’s top 10. You don’t have to like him, but he’s undoubtedly one of the best the scene’s produced. And there’s absolutely no one else that would be nearly as exciting to clash P Money.

Interestingly enough both P and Dot have been both eager and reluctant to clash at some point. P Money was the one eager to clash Ghetts when Ghetts famously felt it wasn’t worth his time and Dot had Jendor sending for him on Lord Of The Mics, but didn’t reply.

P Money and Dot Rotten have real issues. But P Money having tried to attack Dot on more than one occasion has revealed that Dot isn’t interested in that. We’ve established that P Money can physically beat Dot. But really that’s only relevant if we’re talking about a boxing match. But we’re not. This isn’t Drill, this is grime. Grime does have its fair share of violence, but it’s not often you see grime artists ending up in hospital after chasing each other up and down the street on Snapchat. When MC’s have issues, they clash. That’s how it’s been from the start. And it’s not hyperbole to say to two of the best rappers the scene has to offer going to war would easily slide into one of the most iconic moments in the scene ever.