Why Music Platforms Play Such A Big Part In Your Career #IndustryTips


Seeding your music across a number of platforms exposes you to a wide audience. As an artist you’ve probably used or considered using a media outlet to promote your music. This decision may have been made after releasing music on your own channel and gaining little or no traction. Even the smallest platforms can have a much larger number of subscribers than a new artist making it an obvious choice when starting out.

Appearing on a popular platform will create awareness around your music and build your reputation. Your social media following will increase and you will attract people to your own outlets to establish your own presence. Platforms enable you to target a specific audience rather than waiting for people to stumble across you on the vast worldwide web, or spamming people online who have no desire to listen to your music. Platforms do the promotion for you.

Every music community has a slightly different audience so when deciding to work in this space brainstorm the many platforms that relate to your music. To gain maximum exposure first you must identify your target audience, the sites they visit, and have a discussion with the site owner about how to get the most out of being featured on the platform.

Anything offering you exposure is a platform including television, radio, press, live outlets, or a popular social media or YouTube account. Approach your marketing strategy by identifying the relevant target media for your needs. Make a list of the appropriate outlets you want to target and contact them.

Develop angles relating to your brand that you would want to see and read about from a music fan’s perspective listing newspapers, magazines, blogs, and television channels that would be happy to hear from you. This comes back to identifying gaps in the market and owning a niche to build a community by using existing platforms to reach your audience.

Artists who make an impact on the scene command attention bringing with it invitations to larger platforms along with more publicity. The key thing to bear in mind is that when given this level of exposure plan ways in advance on how you will leverage these opportunities. Look at how each potential platform relates to you and find ways to direct people back to what you do and where to find you. Have something exciting available when they get there.

Every level of exposure presents a new opportunity. See these opportunities as gateways into a world you wouldn’t otherwise occupy. Maintain good relationships with the people providing the opportunities and utilise each situation to maximise your own presence.

– Platforms creates awareness
– Target a specific audience
– Redirect people to your platform