Why Most Artists Don’t Stand Out From The Crowd #IndustryTips


Picture yourself in a crowded room. Do you stand out? Everyone gets noticed for very different reasons, but will you be remembered? Standing out is an indication of how you feel about yourself. If you see yourself as unique you will do things in a way people are sure to notice. Your level of believablity makes others catch up with how you see yourself.


It takes more than music for an artist to stand out. The same thing that will get you noticed in a crowded room is the same thing that will get you noticed in a crowded industry, but what is that for you? Fans buy into an artist’s brand – the way you think, the feeling you give them, and what you stand for.


Great artists have great aims and as tempting as it might be at first try not to be so different that people cannot categorise you. Most people cannot relate to what doesn’t fit easily into their playlist. Just be different enough to prick their interest while giving them enough to become curious about what else you have to offer. Every outstanding new artist was once seen as the new so and so, a bit like a new friend might remind you of an old friend, before going on to own a niche and appear super talented commanding great loyalty from fans.


Really care about your audience – think about how their experiences align with your truth. People will connect with you when you connect with the music and bring new aspects to your craft. This level of authenticity holds up a mirror giving listeners permission to be who they authentically are too. The key is to remain consistent and true to your brand then the ripples will go out.


Your core audience are your loyal customers. The bigger your audience the more business opportunities will come your way. Please note, companies looking to partner with you do not necessarily want you, they want your audience. An artist with a strong fanbase will always be sort after as they guarantees sales, so keep the relationship you have with your fans sacred.


Finally, how will you know when you are standing out? A community will form around your music. Your music spreads further when you are not the only one promoting it. Your fans will opening share and discuss your music and come out in droves to rally around your cause when they feel part of a community. This loyalty is be a reflection of the impact you make on their lives. Add depth and meaning to truly stand out.



– See yourself as unique

– Be authentic

– Respect your fans