What’s really going on with P Money and Dot Rotten’s ‘Beef’?


P Money and Dot Rotten’s beef has escalated the last few days and the enormity of it is making the Mayweather x McGregor fight look like an undercard.

Firstly, the duo in recent years (excuse the pun), have shared a rather rotten relationship, as bygone’s have been left remembered and water is most certainly not under the bridge.

But to gage what is happening between the two artists lies in the historic relationship between the pair, as previously mentioned.

The war of words has recently increased after Dot took to the booth on BBC 1xtra, to spit a tirade of hate towards P Money and then followed this up by releasing a studio diss titled, ‘Organised Grime’, and this was all a bit too loud for the latter to ignore.

Fast forward a couple of days, and P Money has stepped up to release his own responses to the diss tracks he was presented with – and let me tell you he goes in!

P Money has since release tracks labelled, ‘Real Talk’ and ‘Liars in the Booth’ which responds to Dot’s previous tracks which also includes an appearance on Rinse FM.

For fans this is great, as the summer months commence we are being pleased with an absolute bombardment lyrical one liners between the artists. Yet, for the rappers themselves, it is actually quite sad to see a pair who once were part of the same rap group, beef this strongly, with such personal information being dug up.

For Dot,  he tends to focus on P Money’s private life, accusing the MC of domestic violence abuse towards a previous spouse and owing him money for studio time amongst other forms of betrayal. P Money then flips it, and accuses Dot’s previous beau of cheating on him with his bro’s and other MC’s, he also reminds him of the time he came out favourably after a studio altercation between the pair.

Not stopping there, the artists want to continuously remind their opponent that they are washed, with a little fan base and have no more show appearances.

With fans unsure of who is on top, the one thing that is confirmed is how the beef is raising their reputation on the scene, I think the best advice to listen to the bars and enjoy, because this will go the full 12 rounds.