What’s next for J Hus?


It’s safe to say that an ugly wave has crashed the shore of UK and it goes by the name of J Hus.

He first broke into the scene with a Link Up TV street heat freestyle late 2014. So much energy and a sense of humour in his music.

Fast forwarding he’s now one of the UK’s leading acts. His unique sound and genuine image, it’s not every rapper that calls themselves ugly now isit? His infusion with Afrobeats, rap and trap sounds are amazingly beautiful. I’d describe his sound as tropical because it fits into many different criteria’s.

So much controversy has been with this 20 year old young lad. His tension with Kojo funds in 2015, a few diss tracks were thrown here and there, nonetheless his talent was manifested in his song ‘Delajore’. It’s very difficult making a diss song into a vibe, he managed to do that just like Drake did with ‘Back to Back’.

Then controversially, he gets stabbed and put in front of the London Evening standard newspaper looking like a goon. The picture painted was very dark and showed J Hus in a negative light. Many said that he wouldn’t be able to come back as a rapper as his rep had been tarnished.

All of that feels so long ago because his latest album ‘Common sense’ has sweeped the nation, charting 3rd in the ITunes top charts. He performed at the PFA player awards and signed to Epic records.

What is next for the superstar? His best bet is to be elected as mayor of Newham, he’s at the top of his game. J Hus must do something ground breaking outside of music, as the tempo of artists usually hit a peak, then unfortunately in most cases they fall away. At 20 years young he has achieved so much, I do feel he should take his sound towards the US side and make his image global.

Check out his album and his latest video ‘Common a Sense’.