What Happened At The Tenacious Artist Showcase…


Sunday’s for me are usually the day I take out of the week to just be a lazy sh*t… or to get my life together; there’s no in-between, but this Sunday I thought ‘Why not switch it up’ and headed down to the Nottinghill Arts Club for the Tenacious Artist showcase to go and get a look at some of the new talents that are currently going unnoticed in the UK.

In the venue’s dimly lit basement, with a drink (water) clutched firmly in my hand, I lurked in the shadows as artists such as Lewi Swiper, Paro Panache and Habiba came onto the stage, each exhibiting their own talents, proving that there’s a lot of genius and flair bubbling in the UK.

The Tenacious event was curated by Shandionne who was doing the most on the night as not only was she hosting alongside her co-host Kieron, she was also performing her R&B meets rap styled tracks before headliner Kyzino came and ended the show on a high.

All in all, the show proved to me why it’s important that these grassroots events keep thriving and highlighting new talent, as I’ve walked away with more than one artist that I’m sure to be keeping on my radar.