What Do All Successful Artists Have In Common? #IndustryTips


Every successful artist possesses a skill set that goes beyond their creativity. They have the ability to maintain self belief throughout an often tough journey. Good artists have talent, great artists build on those talents to develop character. Success requires a combination of unique characteristics, but what character traits do successful artists have that we don’t?

Successful artists are focused. They wake up thinking about music. Music is their life. Their music takes priority and they are not easily distracted. They are self aware and understand what it takes to make it in the music industry. They spend their time making and marketing their music and focusing on their strengths with a clear sense of direction. They are committed and passionate with a willingness to do whatever it takes to drive their music career forward.

Successful artists are entrepreneurial. They see their artistry as a business and take control of making a living from their music. They understand how competitive the music industry can be and learn all aspects of the business to find their niche. They are ambitious and build a network of people around themselves who they can trust. They have integrity and believe in standing for something. They are willing to make sacrifices to acquire the necessary skills to become successful. They are resourceful and believe in turning every ‘no’ they encounter into a ‘yes’.

Successful artists have a strong work ethic. They are self motivated, self disciplined, and responsible. They manage themselves and their creative energy with a desire to prove themselves. They have a sense of urgency and model the success of others. Successful artists do not quit when thing don’t go according to plan. They see failure as feedback using it as a chance to get better.

Successful artists are thick skinned. They know that success doesn’t happen over night and that success requires resilience and hard work. These artists understand that things don’t always work out the way they expect, but stay determined and solution orientated. They are persistent and pursue their dreams by continuing to improve on their successes. They’re courageous and maintain a desire to make music by staying focused on their plan and setting new goals.

Successful artists have a positive mental attitude. They only spend time with people who are fully supportive of their music career. They are decisive and limit their time and interactions with negative people. Successful artists do not allow anyone or anything to get in the way of their success. They never stop learning and embrace ways to keep their energy levels up and remain inspired. They stay in the creative zone by keeping positive, fit, and healthy.

– Music is their life
– They are entrepreneurial
– They have a strong work ethic