Watch when Offset interrupts Cardi B performance at #rollingloud


Grammy nominated female rapper Cardi B was the headline performance at La festival Rolling Loud, she got a suprised performance from Migos who interrupted her performance with a “take me back” gesture, the crowd was in shock and in the videos that surfaced online you can tell the crowd was confused and awkward and some angry fans that was boo’ing and saying not to take him back.

Offset made a plea on stage for Cardi B to take him back, he arrived on stage with flowers and a cake to make his message clearer that he really wants to be with her. Offset made a public apology to his wife via the mircophone saying “I want to tell you, I’m sorry”.

Cardi B was not impressed with this gesture being interrupted from her headline performance she refused the flowers he attempted to give her and she did not speak on the microphone after his apology.

Fans have accused her publicist for encouraging his behaviour onstage and fans have advised Cardi B to fire her whole team who was involved.

Whatever happens in the future it is up to Cardi B to decide what she wants to do, we hope she has a good Christmas.