Yxng Bane bangs with ‘HBK The Prequel’

HBK The Prequel is a new project that has just been dropped by Yxng Bane produced in partnership with Vevo. It depicts a day in the life of five young men from Canning Town in East London, the ends that Yxng Bane himself originates from. This project was directed by Israel Alem, produced by Samin Saadat Story. The short film stars Yxng Bane himself, Samuel Kyi, Gerome Miller,Senesie “Essk Songz” Koroma, Emma Cargill and Malachi Latchman.

The versatility of the young artist shine throughout this project. The unreleased songs featured vary from sad, slow tempo, to hype and touch in cheek. The fact that he has made a short film is remarkable for this relatively new artist, as short films from U.K. artists are rare gems. Short films are even rarer that feature unreleased music. This enables listeners gain even more anticipation for his new tunes. Yxng Bane has a mad work rate and yet remains relevant, whilst not over saturating himself.

The whole film itself is filled with jokes like ‘’She fine like Rihanna tho’’, to much darker and deeper scenes. The whole project is captivating, interesting and original. I am so proud to say that Yxng Bane is an East Londoner.

Be sure to check out the sick new short film, and the many new things to come from Yxng Bane.