Yung Fume makes a much-anticipated return to ‘Behind Barz’

Croydon’s Yung Fume has made a hotly anticipated return to Link Up TV with his second Behind Barz freestyle, following on from the recent release of his Noughts and Crosses 3 mixtape. On the track, Fumos covers a wide range of topics ranging from his upbringing to his lavish lifestyle, reminiscing on a recent trip to Sweden and laying out his future aspirations in front of the listener.

Throughout the track, he accuses others in the UK scene of being overly reliant on Migos’ blueprint as well as his own, rapping: “Half these n****s sound like Quavo / Half these n****s sound like Offset”. He also reminds listeners that he appeared on Stormzy’s Dreamers Disease EP in 2014 long before his friend was a household name, just in case anyone doubted the fact that he was ahead of the curve. No doubt he’ll continue to set trends throughout the year.

Noughts and Crosses 3 is available to buy now on all good retailers.