Yung Filly catches up with Cadet in Footasylum

It was only last month that Yung Filly released his latest single ‘La Paila’, and he’s back again, this time in Footasylum to have a talk with South London rapper Cadet. The two discuss Cadet’s music, having a stylist in the music industry, and being in Footasylum for the interview, Filly finds out if Cadet is the type to take the in-sole out of his trainers.

Yung Filly“’Closure’, that track is mad. Where did it come from and what gave you the confidence to share that story?”

Cadet“Anything with music, if I go through it, it’s 100% facts. I went through that exact scenario so I had to put it out there for the world to hear”.

Yung Filly – “Talking about yourself and your career, what can we expect from Cadet this year?”

Cadet“Bangers, you’re going to see a growth in me this year. I’m going to go from a rapper to being an actual artist. The music I’m making right now is way better than what it used to be, I’m growing. Non-stop litness and entertainment”.

Yung Filly“Being in the music industry, do you think it’s important to have a stylist?”

Cadet“100%, the stylist knows the looks before you do. They know what’s next in fashion and they may have a better vision for you then you have for yourself. I stand out in ways that I never knew I could stand out before”.

Yung Filly“Are you a man that takes out the in-sole out of your trainers?

CadetWhy am I doing that for! Why would you do that? Why not just buy your own size? The in-sole is there to make it more comfortable. If you follow me and do that, un-follow me now!

Check out the full interview above and listen to Cadet’s latest track ‘Meek Mill’ below.