Yungen Makes An Impressive ‘Behind Barz’ Return

Yungen makes a worthy return with his latest Behind Barz.

South London-hailing rapper, singer and songwriter, Yungen solidified his space in the U.K. music scene over the past decade, and news of his new releases still build high anticipation on the street. He has now made a Behind Barz comeback, 7 years after dropping his original, and it does not disappoint.

Yungen is riding an airy-type rap beat that sets the mood for what he has to say. Instantly, the rapper starts going in, and he’s reminding us that he’s still got it.

He’s telling us his story, from then to now. He’s confirming his rap ability, whilst hushing any rumours that compare him as less than other rappers. Yungen is making is a point to prove just how good he’s doing, and states that if you’re talking about top 10 then he better be included.

From stating that his publishing deal has him closer to a million, to letting listeners know that he took his people out of the hood, which means he’s real, Yungen is standing strong in his truth and projecting it effortlessly with his signature flow.

Yungen is back and ready to go, and this is what we like to see.

Watch the Behind Barz in the video above, and let us know your thoughts on our socials.