Young Tribez opens up in episode 5 of ‘Closer’

Young Tribez opens up to Link Up TV in this week’s episode of ‘Closer’.

Link Up TV’s ‘Closer’ series, filmed by Daniel McLeod, has featured some great artists so far – and this week we see another one. In episode five, rapper Young Tribez opens up and delves into his childhood, his musical influences, family and his upcoming project.

Young Tribez talks about his childhood – from dabbling in grime music before transitioning to rap and growing up on the South Kilburn estate; which helped shaped him into who is he today.

Viewers find out that Young Tribez has a very musically influenced family, with his brother being a dancer and his sister being a singer, which makes sense as to why the artist has such a deep-rooted passion for the form of creative expression, also. It’s in the family.

He also takes the time to reflect on his musical influences, from the UK and the U.S – which included the likes of Margs, Joe Black, Giggs, Dipset and Lil Wayne.

It’s an interesting episode, where viewers will get to see the man behind the talent – whilst he is behind the scenes of a video shoot. He’s filming the visuals for the first single of his new project, coming soon, entitled “Miss Me When I’m Gone” – and promises that the tape has a lot of bangers on it. We look forward to the release.

Until then, watch Young Tribez on episode five of ‘Closer’ in the video above. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe – if you haven’t already.