Ladies man Young Spray unveils visuals to ‘#Winner #Sinner’

Following the release of his new album ‘Invisible Tears’, Young spray drops music video to song ‘#Winner #Sinner’ that is guaranteed to get you on your feet especially in the club.

The artists seems to know women well as ‘#Winner #Sinner’ focuses on ladies from different parts of the world. In the video Young Spray is surrounded by a group of women, all shades and sizes, demonstrating the different women he refers to in his lyrics with his catchy punch lines and incredible wit.

“All my Chinese girls, they look nice. They say I’m more special than special fried rice”

With this tune I am not sure whether to chuckle, dance or do both. Definitely entertaining. I wonder how true some of his bars are.

To listen to Young Spray ‘#Winner #Sinner’ see the video above.