Ye or Nay? Youngs Teflon react to ‘Kids See Ghosts’ in EP. 2 of ‘The Listening Party’

Double dosage and a small space of time… Kanye West returns and here at Link Up Tv we bring you the second episode of our new series, ‘The listening party’ where we enlist special guests and their opinions on the latest of drops. On this occasion, we are joined by Youngs Teflon having an exclusive listen to Kanye’s joint album alongside Kid Cudi called ‘Kids See Ghosts’.

Not even halfway through the first song ‘Feel the love’, the track is reloaded for a real analysis of the first few words by the duo which caused confusion. Gradually going through to the second tune, a resemblance to slavery is felt throughout the instrumental from ‘Fire’. Sparking instant debate, it is interesting to see the likeness of feeling. Giving off a ‘Django’ vibe to the song, the instrumental consists of chains and chanting over the rapping and singing vocals of the duo.

Sharing thoughts gradually throughout the 7 track album, there are mixed opinions and controversial statements that arise musical discussion between the listeners.

Despite the track list causing confusion to the majority, those involved also found it hard to distinguish the meaning and difference between tracks. Some claimed that because previous Kanye albums weren’t listened to, it was hard to dissect and understand the style.

However in terms of Kid Cudi…this was seen to be a contemporary introduction of how he expresses himself through music.

After fluctuating ratings out of 5 by the end of the album by the gang, we want to know what your thoughts are and how much you’d rate the new album out of 5? Check out the full episode above: