Wretch 32 sits down for an honest, in depth interview with DJ Target

DJ Target is back with his ‘In Depth’ interviews segments and he has finally got Wretch 32 in the 1Xtra studios.

Wretch 32 takes us back to his childhood and growing up in Tottenham, how his passion for music and making music started and his influences including Tupac who he acknowledges as one of his biggest influences.

Wretch also reflects on his background and his journey on his career, the sleepless nights worrying about losing it all and his family life.

This interview allows us to have a rare insight into Wretch’s life, personal and professional and as always he just comes across like such a humble, lovely, intelligent man. DJ Target asks all the right questions and as always allows for a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in the studios.

Watch the interview above for an in depth insight on Wretch 32’s life and career.