Whvsper drops ‘Wo Wo Wo’ remix and music video

Krept & Konan released a new single called ‘Wo Wo Wo’ which is from one of their two mixtapes and it inspired rappers from all over to do the #wowowo challenge and share it on social media.

People like Elro, Double S, Bonkaz and Clue have already remixed it and jumped on the challenge which has created an amazing buzz to the original song.

Now it is time for lyrical genius and Croydon rapper Whvsper to do his.

Premiering on SBTV, Whvsper delivers a clever, well written freestyle on top of the catchy beat and original track.

My favourite bars are

‘Everything I do is so dope, I’ll be killing myself out here like I’m Kurt Cobain’

‘I’ll bat a man just like Bane okay’

This remix is my favourite one I have heard yet, Whvsper always delivers such witty, clever lyrics with a fast flow and this one is not to be missed.