This Is Boxing Episode 5 Featuring Richard Riakporhe

Watch the fifth episode of Link Up TV’s new web-series, This Is Boxing, featuring British Nigerian professional boxer and cruiserweight Richard Riakporhe. 

This Is Boxing is the latest web-show, exclusively on Link Up TV, which gives viewers a behind the scenes insight into the lives of professional boxers. Following on from the past four episodes, this week we have professional boxer and cruiserweight Richard Riakporhe, who is letting us into his life. 

Ant and Whylee head down to Richard’s boxing gym to meet him, and even get into the ring themselves. After the fun, they get into a real conversation with Richard where they discuss the boxers life journey. He speaks about getting stabbed at 15 and how the near death experience helped him find a better lifestyle. He also touches on the risks of boxing, making sure to add that “with risks comes reward”. And much more. 

This series is proving to be very interesting, so make sure your YouTube notifications are switched on!

Watch This Is Boxing episode five with Richard Riakporhe above, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.