This Is Boxing Ep. 1 Featuring Isaac Chamberlain

Watch the first episode of Link Up TV’s brand-new web-series, This Is Boxing, featuring British professional boxer Isaac Chamberlain.

This Is Boxing is the latest web-show, exclusively on Link Up TV, which gives viewers a behind the scenes insight into the lives of professional boxers. Kicking off the series, we have British professional boxer, fighting at cruiserweight, Isaac Chamberlain telling us a bit about himself.

Presenters Ant and Whylee head down to the gym to meet Isaac, where he proceeds to spar in the ring with his trainer before answering some questions. He has great technique and showcases some of this, and then gets into a good conversation with the boys.

Isaac speaks on his decisions to become a boxer, sharing the sad passing of his cousin Alex and how Isaac’s mother put him into boxing after his cousin died. He’s asked quite a few questions: from his likes and dislikes of boxing, to his favourite movie. By the end of the episode you’ll know some interesting things about the boxer, things you probably never knew.

This series is set to be very interesting, so make sure your YouTube notifications are switched on!

Watch This Is Boxing episode one above, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.