Skepta, Shailan and Suspect on new game changing project ‘Stay With It’

When a project is too fire, you really don’t know where to even start the conversation from… I feel like this is exactly what Skepta, Suspect and Shailan have managed to do with their new Risky Roads produced collaboration which debuted on Link Up TV at midnight.

Risky Roadz  is a legend in the grime scenery, having been the main man behind many of our favorite videos since 2004. He is back now with “Stay With It”, where we can see a slight throwback to the early days in terms of visuals. The video, directed by Tico, starts off with Skepta and Shailan chilling in their hood, giving it the authenticity of the lifestyle in endz. Snaps of £20 being counted, everyone rolling and smoking, close ups on the Nike garms – Skepta’s AM Deluxe are fire , by the way – it all brings up a certain grime vibe.

Just when we thought Skepta might be busy getting ready to become a father for the first time, he steps in to show his legendary versatility and murders the hook without doubt as he raps: “I stay with it/ Too many p**** carry on weapons/ I’m so icey/ Man wanna pree me 24/7” , continuing in his creative wordplay manner.

Young artist Shailan, part of the Meridian crew, comes in strong straight after Skepta. I really liked the flow in his delivery as it sounds effortless when rapping. He definitely has a strong wordplay ability as  he states “tunnel vision on my mission”, he gives out a few punchlines “SK when I’m steppin, Meridian what I’m reppin” and I really rate the reference he makes to Lukey (#LukeyWorld). I am really curious to see what future projects Shailan is going to put out there as he sounds like a very strong candidate for a 2018 breakthrough.

Suspect #PROBLEMATIC obviously brings in his unmatched energy on the track as he starts rapping. As he stated in one of his previous projects, he is always gonna say it with his chest and his bars on “Stay With It” are yet another statement to prove this. He delivers using his characteristic wordplay, complimented by adlibs that enhance the energy he is trying to send out.

“Stay With It” is definetly a game changer, a different approach to the sound in the UK urban scene. Make sure you watch the visuals out now on Link Up Tv.