Watch The Sharon X Imarni Blue ‘Let Yourself Go’ Video

Watch the full video to ‘Let Yourself Go’ by Sharon and Imarni Blue. The beat is everything but the lyrics are the truth!

When asked what the release was about the following was the response:

What does it mean to ‘Let Yourself Go’…? Is the message within this next BIG ‘Drum N Base’ release by music artists and entrepreneurs; Jazz singer, song writer Sharon Francis and rapper, writer and lyricist Imarni Blue.

There is a highly controversial undercurrent flowing throughout this piece. The visuals are perceived by many as a combination of sinister and edgy, whilst the captivating intelligent lyrical content flawlessly complements the somewhat moody graphics.

It is true to say that this concept has never been done before; for example; the dragging and burial of the huge swastika through the eerie grave yard sent shivers down the spines of those lucky enough to view a pre-release of the video.

Viewers are reported to feel a sense of release and liberation, It has been said that after experiencing the highly thought provoking footage your perception will never be the same.

Check it out and let us know what you think!