Watch Part One Of BKChat LDN’s Season 3 Reunion

Watch part one of the BKChat LDN, season three, reunion as the cast reunite to tackle some of the unresolved issues of the most recent season.

In part one of the BKChat LDN reunion, tensions rise between cast members as they are put on the stop to tackle some of the debates that took place on, and off, the camera. Although two members of the web show based around debate are not present, there’s more than enough going on to keep you fully entertained.

Hosted by, television presenter, Remel London, the reunion is spicy and somewhat emotional. Remel asks all of the right questions to give the fans the inside scoop, and plenty is discussed: from Adreyn and Omar’s offensive tweets to Max’s comments and Nissy giving him her full support.

A main highlight of the reunion is the drama between BMoni and Adreyn, who go back and forth in a battle of honesty and deception. Other BKChat LDN cast members, such as Malaika, share their opinions on what transpired between the two passionate cast members—and who they think is telling the truth. Who do you believe?

The cast members are dressed to impress, and are sharing all of the gossip. You don’t want to miss out.

So, if you haven’t already watched part one of the BKChat LDN season three reunion then, get ready for a wild one and tune in.

You can watch the video above.