Watch ‘Noisey Birmingham’ Featuring Jaykae, Lady Leshurr, Mist, Safone, and more!

Noisey release the highly-anticipated ‘Noisey Birmingham: The Unstoppable Rise of Birmingham Rap’ documentary, unveiling some of the gems that the UK’s second city have to offer.

If you’re an avid listener of current music, then names such as Lady Leshurr, Jaykae, Mist, Safone, Lotto Boyzz, and Dapz On The Map should sound familiar. The people behind the names are much more than just artists, they are individuals with a common hunger to rise out of the conditions that they have been raised in, and make a difference—for themselves, and the next generation.

Hosted by the legend himself, Mike Skinner, who is also a Birmingham native, is the moving documentary, ‘Noisey Birmingham: The Unstoppable Rise of Birmingham Rap’, that gives viewers a clearer insight into the journey of the featured artists. The documentary delves into Birmingham as a whole, taking a look at what makes a Brummie’s journey so different.

Each artist, alongside other Birmingham local’s, share parts of their background, and talk with Mike about the highs and lows of being an artist from Birmingham. Mike also shares parts of his own experience, and the conversations are interesting. Birmingham has a strong sense of community, and a lot of talent, but the positives are not easily noticed by many located elsewhere, and the majority of the time, the reason for, that simply boils down to one thing—the Brummie accent.

Lady Leshurr speaks on the effects of not being taken seriously at times, and being laughed at for her accent, yet pushing through to become one of the biggest artists to come out of the UK scene as a whole. She is a representation of persistence paying off, as are the other artists featured in the documentary. 

Jaykae, Mist, Safone, Dapz On The Map, and Lotto Boyzz, also share their stories, that are all completely unique to each individual, whilst having a lot in common. Those that grow up in Birmingham are raised in a multicultural environment, and although they may not have access to all of the recourses required to make their dreams come true easily, they make the most of what they have, until they can get what they need—and then they continue to thrive. These artists have been faced with many trials and tribulations, rejection from those that didn’t take them seriously, and personal fears, but they have all prevailed. It’s inspirational.

There are a lot of messages to take from ‘Noisey Birmingham: The Unstoppable Rise of Birmingham Rap’, but one that stands out is: “I think a Brummie is a genuine person. We’re working class, so people don’t take to us automatically, but there ain’t no better friend than a Brummie.” It’s true—and as each individual involved in the documentary opens up, and shares intimate experiences to help those watching, it’s clear to see how genuine Brummie’s are.

The documentary is not only inspirational to those that aspire to be musicians, or enjoy the music being delivered by the current scene, but it is also a powerful representation of a community, that has been often misrepresented. Viewers from Birmingham will feel proud, and viewers from other parts of the world will learn more about the city, and those that grew there.

It’s time to get used to the Brummie accent, because there is a lot more talent in Birmingham pushing through, and you don’t want to miss out!

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