Watch ‘LDN’ – a documentary exploring London’s influential music scene

London’s music scene is ever growing and becoming extremely influential – Nathan Miller took on the role to speak of some of the scene’s pioneers.

‘LDN’ the documentary is authentic, raw and real.

The documentary features some of the most exciting names in the UK including Belly Squad, Fredo, 67, SNE, Reeko Squeeze, Kojey Radical, Youngs Teflon and more as well as DJ Semtex, Vicky Grout and Kenny Allstar.

LDN documentary

Photography by Jan-Michael Stasiuk.

Art direction by Sophia Tassew.

Speaking to us in an interview in the early days of production last year, Nathan explained: “I have a good feeling that ‘LDN’ will be a big reference in the near future, there are many prospective people taking part, time will tell where they wind up but I know I have captured some special moments.”

Youngs Tef LDN Documentary

Watch the full documentary above and let us know what you think!