Bugzy Malone is this week’s UK Represent in Julie Adenuga’s Apple Music Beats 1 show

Manchester’s only, grime rapper Bugzy Malone, joins Julie Adenuga on Apple Music’s Beats 1 and it is a very inspirational interview.

The interview starts as Julie asks Bugzy to tell the audience a little bit more about who he is. If you have been listening to Bugzy, you know his music is based on his life experiences and he refers to it as “something that is charged by the pain he went through growing up”. He continues by discussing the law of attraction and how this has truly made a positive change to his life and family but also touches on the difficult choices he’s had to make from an early age and the impact these had later on.

He makes a funny comparison of London being an “iPhone with no apps” when he was trying to reach out at the start of his career and how his recent fame has now changed it to a version “with some apps” as industry doors are opening.

Bugzy also announced the launched of his album “B.Inspired”, which will be out this Friday. You can pre-save the album on Spotify here. The album will feature his latest visual project called “Run” featuring Rag’n’Bone. Bugzy Malone is also featured in Kojo Fund’s latest project “Who am I”. You can watch the insane video that was done in Japan here.

Make sure you watch the interview to find out more about Bugzy’s story of coming out of the shadows to now a successful entertainer.