Watch Hussain Manawer perform ‘I’m Ashamed’ live for the ‘World’s Largest Mental Health Lesson’

‘I’m ashamed that freedom doesn’t come freely’ says Hussain Manawer. Coming from his forthcoming EP, ‘Am I Too Deep’, Hussain Manawer releases his debut track, ‘I’m Ashamed’, which shares a deep but honest thought of our reality. On Wednesday (22nd March), The Poet, Activist and presenter set the Guinness World Record for the ‘World’s Largest Mental Health Lesson’ and performed live his heart-felt track.

When speaking about the track he said, ‘Reading the news and playing out my day-to-day, I feel a lot of emotions and more often than not, things have a tendency to weigh heavy on me. Performance poetry gives me the opportunity to capture my imagination in words. It allows me to express those feelings and abstract thoughts in a way that provides a release and helps me to make sense of things.’ 

His debut EP is also set to be released on May the 8th to correspond with Mental Health Awareness Week with a portion of the proceeds going to Samaritans. Check out his latest interview with Geko, where he speaks about anxiety and depression.