Watch Episode 5 of ‘No Offence’ ft. Burner!

Mr Montgomery brings out episode 5 of ‘No Offence’ and this time he is joined by London’s Clapham Junction rapper, Burner. The artist has recently received a lot of attention after exceeding one million views on Link Up TV for his song “Madder Than Mad”- produced by MK The Plug.
As usual, the “No Offence” segment focuses on trying to get answers to some of the most controversial issues in the artist’s life.
Mr Montgomery starts off the interview with the topic of Burner’s postcode, asking questions about the difficulties he had growing up in the notorious area of Clapham Junction. Burner does not seem to think his area is any worse than other parts of London and simply says “it’s the life we live” and situations could arise anywhere.
The interview continues as Mr Montgomery tries to find out the secret to Burner’s recent and quite rapid success compared to other artists and he replies by saying “people just know real when they see it”. As they are discussing realness, Mr Montgomery was hoping he would be able to get an answer to a rumour that has been spreading around in the online media where some people seem to believe Burner might have been involved in an altercation with Harlem Spartan’s member, TG Milian, while both in jail a little while back. Burner dodged the answer by saying people get beat up in jail everyday and although his lyrics might imply certain things, it does not necessarily refer to this particular incident and individual.
Watch the video to find out more about Burner’s opinion on certain artists in the scene that are “not really about road”, his personal insight on what actually happens when being locked up compared to what people are posting about the “lavish lifestyle” they have in jail and also about his upcoming projects and collaborations.
P.s.: can someone please tell Mr Montgomery: “it didn’t come home”…unfortunately.