Loski Steps Up For Debut ‘Fire In The Booth’

Harlem Spartans frontliner, Loski, is on fire, right now, and can’t stop hitting us with heat!

Following the release of not one, but two massive videos recently, it seems Loski just can’t be stopped. The first massive video being the big link up between Harlem Spartans and Section Boyz, as Loski joined forces with Swift to bring us the haunting visuals to their huge new single, Ugly Faces!


And just when we thought, Loski was done for the moment, he switched gears yet again, to make a stellar return with some cold, new visuals to his latest release – a couple of days ago, this one titled Money &  Beef. The Harlem Spartan is definitely taking the phrase ‘supply and demand’ very seriously as his work rate continues to skyrocket.


Now we are here, debut Fire In The Booth, time, though I’m not a huge fan of the ‘reading off your phone’ thing, I will give Loski credit for how certi the bars were, he definitely didn’t come to play with this new freestyle; as he finessed a couple of UK Drill beats expertly detailing what it is to be a driller in his hood right now. Take in the bars and let us know what you think of this one! Definitely could have been a little longer but it is definitely cold, for what it is.