Watch DJ Argue Roof It In Brand New ‘The Five Pound Munch’ Episode

Episode 2 of Series 3 is now out and this time sees DJ Argue overspend not once, but twice! The Radar Radio DJ is given just £5 to get as much as he can, without spending over his budget….

After getting kicked out of the first corner shop, Lordie and DJ Argue find themselves in Sainsbury’s (probably not the cheapest place). From noodles, egg fried rice, cookies and chicken tika, the pair find themselves circulating the shop as Argue asks for ‘Double or nothing’ after his first total is over £5.

The rest is an absolute shambles as he manages to overspend yet AGAIN, even though he now has £10 to spend! Watch the full video above and don’t forget to listen to Lordie and DJ Argues interview on Radar, here.