Watch: Big Narstie Meets New Samsung Galaxy S9

Watch as Big Narstie meets the NEW Samsung S9 in the new Carephone Warehouse advert.

Big Narstie collaborated with Carphone Warehouse for their new short comedy advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S9. Carphone Warehouse invited grime MC, founder of BDL and YouTube personality, Big Narstie into their headquarters to get his opinion on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9.

Things get creative when Big Narstie is asked to take a challenge of eating the hottest chicken wings, whilst entertaining a man dressed up in a chicken costume, and to partake in a water-resistant photo shoot, to show the superb Samsung Galaxy S9 features and quality—amongst other things. However, all Big Narstie really wanted to know before accepting the challenge was whether or not the phone has a headphone jack—so he could listen to his music.

Well, does it? Watch the advertisement above to find out, and you may just hear a snippet of one of the tracks on Big Narstie’s upcoming album BDL Bipolar.

If you like what you see and want to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S9, pre-order the new phone from Carephone Warehouse here and you will get a FREE wireless Samsung charger worth £79.99.