P Money, Sho ShalloW & More Feature On Hardest Bars Ep.13

Hey people! We are in the middle of a new week so you already know what that means! Our resident A&R and presenter Joey Clipstar is back with the latest episode of ‘Hardest Bars’. We are well into Season 10 which means that we’ve been blessed with a lot of new music from the UK scene in the previous week. If you’re not aware of the show’s format or you are new to the ‘Hardest Bars’ experience, I can bring you up to speed on how it works.

Our host Joey Clipstar gives us a rundown of his favourite tracks from the UK scene that have come out and he explains why he has chosen those tracks for the week. He also breaks down certain lyrics and helps those of us who don’t catch things the first time around to grasp what has been said on wax. On occasion he will have special guests in to interview them on recent goings on or a particular video they have released. Sounds simple enough? Great!

This weeks episode features a variety of acts from the likes of Unknown, P Money, Sho Shallow, Pepstar and many more. From the list of names involved, this should be a good rundown of the previous week in Grime and UK Rap.

Check out the video above and look out for next week’s episode.