Uncle Ed Steps Up For ‘The Five Pound Munch’ Challenge

Wenger out, Lordie in?! This week’s episode of The Five Pound Munch, is with our favourite Uncle Ed. Known for his, Wenger Anthem, his hilarious short clips on Instagram and his brand new #unicribs on YouTube, this episode is not to be missed!

Back with the infamous Angry Shop Keeper, Ed kick starts by attempting to back a small bottle of alcohol, percentage is only 60 so no biggie…. LOL. Anyway, Lordie offers a Double Or Nothing question but at this point, Ed is a little bubbly so of course, he lost. With only £5 to spend, make sure you watch the full video above where you can catch Ed buying Aromat, cakes that remind him of his ex, and more!

Will he manage to budget or be disqualified?! Enjoy!