Tyler tells us why she prayed for ‘Days Like This’

Tyler is back with another track, where she expresses gratitude for the rise in her life—because she prayed for ‘Days Like This’.

You may have heard of Tyler before, as she has been making music for a while, but frequently takes time between new releases—and then returns with an improved sound. ‘Days Like This’ is the latest release, which shows another side of Tyler. She’s reaping the rewards of her hard work, and thinks are looking up.

Tyler is known to switch up her style, and each one of her tracks is noticeably different. Her expression is versatile, yet she thrives on bettering her sound—and her latest style is an enjoyable example of that. With an effortless delivery, and meaningful lyricism, Tyler gives listeners an insight into her life. She prayed to be where she is today, and she’s proud—and so she should be.

‘Days Like This’ visuals are relaxed, and consist of shots that see the free-spirited artist enjoying her own company, whilst spitting her bars—alongside behind the scenes footage of her journey on the road to success. She’s been performing at shows across the country—making it quite clear to see how things are looking up. But she is still the same Tyler, with the quick, and witty, one-liners that we enjoy!

Tyler is talented—no doubt about it, and as she continues to push forward on her musical journey, we look forward to hearing more music.

Check out the ‘Days Like This’ visuals above—before letting us know your thoughts on Twitter.