Mist chats with Julie Adenuga about all things ‘Diamond In The Dirt’ and more!

Ahead of his project ‘Diamond In The Dirt’ which dropped today, Mist swung by for an interview with Julie Adenuga for the UK Represents segment on her Beats 1 show.

In this wide ranging interview, Mist talks about first coming to London, his first single and his new EP ‘Diamond In The Dirt’.
He talks growing up in Birmingham and the difference in making it in music compared to London; what it was like growing up in a multicultural community; on performing with a broken leg; on the difficulties he faced when his parents died; what he learnt after going to prison; Skepta’s influence on his music and loads more!

As usual, Julie Adenuga creates a comfortable and friendly environment for her guests, and has a genuine laugh with Birmingham rapper Mist. I’ve seen him in a lot of interviews and he always comes across so well and gives an in depth insight to his life, providing great answers and being humble.

Have you guys listened to the new project from Mist yet? He has some dope features on it including a bit of a surprising one but a banger nonetheless, with Jessie Ware! On working with Jessie Ware, Mist said “Signing to Warner has definitely helped me get that collab, it’s because I’ve been they’ve put me on that level. Now saying, I’ve signed to make that transition to hit that mainstream, I feel like by me signing a lot of people look at me in a different light now. Even my aunts, all my family is like what Jessie Ware, I can’t wait. I heard her at Christmas she was on BBC.”

Make sure you watch the video above now and go and listen to ‘Diamond in the Dirt’, big up Mist on the new project and Julie for always creating brilliant interviews for our entertainment!