Tund£ x Jay Esco x Remducee join forces for ‘Trip Tonic’

Tund£, Jay Esco and Remducee have joint forces for a new tune called Trip Tonic. The tune features an American hip hop beat. The production allows the rappers to bounce off each 0ther and maintain a witty, bouncy flow throughout the track. The rappers originate from Manchester, which enables the artists to put their city on the map more, seeing as mainstream U.K. rap does not usually originate from there.

The first artist to spit is Jay Esco who perfectly compliments the beat by coming in with a hard flow. Remducee then comes in with a very punchy flow. Tune£ comes in with a playful, witty flow. The whole visual features the rappers amongst a lot of there associates. A lot of imagery associated with rapping and trapping is showcased in the video. This includes drinking, motor bikes, paying respects to those who have passed away, ski masks masking identity, expensive watches, money.

The visual itself is visually aesthetic as it features switching to many different scenes which enhances the collaborative aspect of the song. Some effects used give a massive wavy vibe to the whole visual.

Be sure to check out the wavy new visual for Trip Tonic on Link Up TV now!