Tottenham X Teriy: A Short Documentary By Teriy Keys

Previously signed to Dizzee Rascal’s Dirtee Stank imprint, Teriy Keys, Esq. is a multi-award winning Entertainment Executive, Producer and Founder of the R.O.A.D. Group of Companies. In 2013, and again in 2016; Teriy Keys was short-listed in Music Week magazine’s publication for the “30 under 30″ best of the rest most influential music industry executives.
The Royal Court Theatre and R.O.A.D. Entertainment announced the screening details of Tottenham x Teriy, a documentary film that takes a candid glimpse at those living in Tottenham, N17.
The short documentary spotlights 25 year old multi-award winning Music Executive and Entrepreneur Teriy Keys, Esq. as he retraces his journey from a childhood in care to running a fledging Entertainment company and Educational Training Centre in Tottenham, via a possible career in football with FC Barcelona, and teaming up with Dizzee Rascal as founding member of his independent label.
Tottenham x Teriy is a story of ambition, innovation and perseverance placed within a community that has had its share of legacy issues. The running theme centres on the principles of remaining always determined. Commissioned and supported by the Royal Court Theatre as part of the theatre’s three-year residency in Tottenham, N17, the documentary film is the convergence of theatre, music and art; both with a core value of community interest at the heart.
Commenting on the project Moussa A Sylla, Tottenham Community Organiser said; “After the riots and way before, the youth in Tottenham have, for the majority of time, been labelled as bad and associated with foolishness and anti-social behaviour, especially those from black and ethnic minority backgrounds. Listening to the story of Tottenham boy Teriy Keys is so refreshing and up lifting and a great inspiration for others. Giving young people a place for their voices to be heard and giving them support to the things that matter to them can be the start of a journey towards a new life”
The Royal Court Theatre premiered the film with a private screening at The Site, Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square.
Watch the documentary above!