Tizzy brings in Malachi Amour for fresh ‘Turbo’ visuals

North West London’s rapper Tizzy is sounding fire in his latest release “Turbo” featuring Malachi Amour.

Tizzy, member of the duo Tizzy x Brandz, has set waves with tunes such as “All Ways”, “Escobar” and “Bae” and he now seems ready to be releasing a single track, collaborating with Malachi Amour. The two have previously worked on “Not Regular”, a project released early 2018 with Tizzy x Brandz.

Tizzy likes to flex with his songs as much as he flexes in fashion and has developed his unique sound in the music scene. The video sees the two artists vibzing in countryside landscapes outside London and being back in the ends, posted with their crew and driving around the city during night time.

Featuring trap influences, “Turbo” sounds wavy. It has an intense, upbeat tempo, complimented by Tizzy’s vocal rapping, sending out mad energy vibes. Tizzy brings in his witty wordplay “mad how I turn my week days to weekends” and the track is enhanced by a good set of ad libs. I can definitely see this one stirring up the crowd at raves. Malachi Amour bodies it. I have been screaming about Malachi from the start of the year, he has one of the most effortless deliveries I have seen in the UK music scene. He’s most successful project “Lingard” has now passed 1 million views and I’m actually excited to see what he has coming up next, as he consistently proves he is putting in the work.

Tizzy has clearly been working hard in the studio as well and “Turbo” is looking really good. I’m curious to see what else is coming from both him, Brandz and Malachi but meanwhile make sure you watch the “Turbo” video out now via Link Up TV.