C Biz Talks Upcoming Plans With Westwood In New Interview

Following C Biz’s return to the game after being acquitted of all charges at the Old Baily lats month, the South Kilburn, £R rapper sits down with Tim Westwood to talk music as Westwood gets Biz to confirm that he does have a mixtape coming very soon!

C Biz gives us the game plan in this 15 minute interview, as Westwood and Biz go back and forth in an insightful exchange – putting us all onto the current state of mind of the rapper, and everything happening at the moment as the legendary DJ picks up on a clever play on words that could be seen as a subliminal aimed a particular rapper also gearing up to put a project out.

As always let us know what you think, and tell us whether you think ‘Both Feet In’ is good title for C Biz’s new project!