Timelin3 Show Discuss If MC’s Should Chat Politics And More

One of the latest gripping shows to appear on YouTube that rounds up urban culture – predominantly from the UK, DJ Matthews (Ayo, BKCHAT), Puddi and Qoy lead Timelin3 across a host of hot topics.

In bold but interesting takes, the trio have open discussion on the current subjects within music and the cultural climate, all while maintaining inviting energy. Think, Everyday Struggle *with* Joe Budden. Previously tackling “the most important verses of our time”, with nods to Giggs, Kano and Swiss, the group keep it one hundred, as they put forth their thoughts this week on whether artists should get involved in politics. A question of social responsibility, this becomes topical as they ponder Skepta’s recent tweet – an image of a tee by fashion brand Alyx.

Running with the theme of honesty, the cast also host a retweet or delete segment, including Yxng Bane’s Vroom ; K Koke’s Letter Back and Tory Lanez’ take on Mabel’s Fine Line Remix.

Get involved in the discussion and check out the latest episode above via the Word On The Curb channel, where the group also touch briefly on Not3s.