Bugzy Malone Takes On Eminem’s ‘Stan’ ft Shola Ama

As far as grime is concerned, Bugzy Malone is definitely leading the mark for Manchester and he looks to keep the momentum going with his project King Of The North dropping tonight at midnight. To prepare us for this Bugzy has gone and dropped an Eminem Stan cover at the BBC Radio 1Xtra studio.

So who remembers the song Stan by Eminem? It told a fictional tale of Stan who wrote a series of letters to his idol, Eminem. Stan briefed the rapper on the rough patches that he was encountering and made parallels to Eminem who had lived through similar situations growing up. Eventually, frustration got the better of Stan who grew tired of waiting impatiently for a reply; he took his own life, but not until he sent a suicide tape to Eminem. Later, unaware of Stan’s death, Eminem begins to jot down a reply. As he reads his note aloud, he tells of an incident reported on the radio of a man who killed himself and his girlfriend in a car incident–it’s then that he realizes that it was Stan.

Stan is perceived to be Eminem’s masterpiece and was critically acclaimed when it was released. Two years later, Manchester’s Bugzy Malone drops his own version on BBC Radio 1Extra with a similar story and features vocals from the amazingly talented Shola Ama. Check out his remake above and let us know what you think on twitter.