Bugzy Malone releases inspirational visuals to ‘Run’ featuring Rag’n’Bone Man

Bugzy Malone has dropped yet another inspirational and beautiful music video. I have been a huge Bugzy Malone fan for the past three years and he is consistently dropping videos that look like films, they are visually stunning and so artistic.

Taken from his new album, that is yet to be released but entitled ‘B Inspired’ which is a play on his his artistry name ‘Bugzy Malone’, this track is absolutely beautiful.

The thing I like about Bugzy, is that he is very selective with who he collaborates with, and I honestly feel like he chooses the best people to work with. He seems like a perfectionist in his aritstry and it is shown with the incredible talent he is fortunate enough to collaborate with.

This visually stunning piece, shot entirely in black and white, shows a young boy, who is lured into the lifestyle of drug dealing because he is struggling, as a young boy, feeling responsible for looking after his mum. Bugzy and RagNBone Man both sing and rap about how the boy should have ‘run’. If you follow Bugzy Malone on Twitter, you will know that he did not use actors for the homeless people either, they were genuinely homeless.

I honestly think choosing to work with someone as talented and successful as RagNBone Man was such a good decision for his career and I can’t wait to hear the new album!