Thales Spits His Truth In ‘Honestly’ Video

Lewisham’s Thales steps up to release his first set of visuals and track on our channel ‘Honestly’. It’s quite some debut as he playfully tells us about his reality and how he lives his life. He’s got a really distinct flow and voice which immediately caught my interest, his hook here he sings ‘I ain’t even drink like that but pour me another one’ is pretty catchy and seems to stick after the first listen!

The visuals see him embracing Japanese culture accompanied by Geishas in some cleanly shot scenes before proudly returning to his home of Lewisham which he clearly represents to the fullest! After listening to his first official release it’s safe to say we’re interested to see what Thales will produce next after this track you can chill and vibe to. Check out the visuals and let us know whether you agree!