Tempa T goes exotic for ‘Owe Me’ video

Tempz has been going mad with the work rate recently and it’s fair to say he’s getting the scene excited with his new releases. ‘Owe Me’ has an upbeat sound to it, and see’s Tempa T showcase a different style of music, it’s not his usual punch your Nan in the face style, it’s more of a good time on the quad-bike in Magaluf vibe, and it gets approval from me, it’s catchy and it’s nice to see that Tempa T is back in business.

If it’s one man you don’t want to owe anything to its Tempa T, but it seems you owe him a listen for his brand new song ‘Owe Me’ Temps can be seen having the time of his life on a swanky looking boat with his dons, and that’s truly the way to live life. He even treats us to a cheeky little dab halfway through the video, with his chain swinging in the air it seems Tempa T doesn’t have a care in the world and can solely focus on his music.

‘Owe Me’ is the third song that Tempa T has released in two weeks, with ‘Most High First’ showcasing classic  Tempa T bars, and ‘Leave’ seeing Tempa T take on the beat from Kodax Black’s ‘Roll In Peace’ ‘Owe Me’ shows us that Tempa T doesn’t have to be kicking your door down to make good music, it’s nice to see a relaxed Tempz, and I’ve got no doubt this coming summer will be good for him.

It would be nice to see Tempa T recapture the success he had from ‘Next Hype’ that sort of energy is the very essence of grime for me. ‘Owe Me’ is an indication that Tempa T is making a comeback, and this time he is parring anyone in his way.