TE Dness Is ‘Naughty But Nice’ In Moving New Freestyle

TE dness is back again with another moving freestyle in Naughty But Nice.

When you think of TE dness, you should think of honesty. Every track he delivers includes truthful thoughts, honest reflection and a creative delivery. Naughty But Nice is the artist’s new freestyle, over one of the hottest beat right now – that was used for Drake’s new single, Nice For What.

Throughout the entire freestyle TE dness is outwardly projecting his thoughts and emotions – and there are a lot of them. His quick flow and sharp deliver makes the track feel authentic as many will be able to relate to, if not all, at least a part of the freestyle.

Naughty But Nice is not only an expression of thoughts and a walk through experiences but also somewhat a testimony. With lyrics such as, “loyalty for every person that never switched, and royalty for every person with melanin” – the freestyle is moving and heartfelt.

TE dness picked the perfect instrumental to back great lyrical content, and further showcase his genuine delivery. If he’s not already on your playlists, this is a great place to start. Keep your ears peeled for more because he’s hot – and has much more where this came from.

Listen to the Naughty But Nice freestyle in the video above.