Take a look at the wonderful work Brixton Soup Kitchen do daily to help tackle homelessness

Watch the video above now filmed with BBC 3’s ‘Amazing Humans’ segment, shedding light on the incredible work that Solomon and all those involved with Brixton Soup Kitchen do.

Inspired by his mother, when Solomon was just 11 years old, he would give food packages to homeless people that he passed on the way to school, but, as an adult he has strived to do so much more to help.

In 2013, using his own wages, Solomon started up a soup kitchen in his home town of Brixton and he has been dedicated to helping those who are struggling in the community ever since.

It is an amazing thing that Solomon and the team does, and if you are interested in helping out volunteer or make any donations, please visit their website http://brixtonsoupkitchen.org/