Stevo The Mad Man Joins Alhan & Poet For New Gasworks Episode

From the football pitch, to becoming a self made digital entrepreneur, Stevo The Mad Man has had quite the journey over the past few years. The popular public figure has built a huge family of Spartans by hilariously documenting his home life and taking full advantage of every opportunity that has come his way, all whilst continuing to document his ventures.

This year is looking as exciting as ever as he builds new businesses, and continues to build on the strong foundations, whilst raising his kids and providing for his family. With so much talk around his name and brand, it was only right that he sat down so we can get to know him that little bit better. And is Poet, and Alhan who get the pleasure of having him on their popular series Gasworks for a brand new episode.

We see the trio cover topics such as parenting, w*nking, trolls and more. Check it out now!