Stefflon Don sits down for interview with DJ Dubl

Stefflon Don was this weeks guest on the show for DJ Dubl’s youtube channel DJDUBLTV. The pair go into detail about when Steff started, breaking out as a solo artist and working with her brother on the mixtape, rapper Dutch, and the very talented Donae’ o on the track ‘Family Ties’. Explaining her love for music and that track, Steff compares their truths as brother and sister on such a personal track.

The female rapper also touches base on her latest single, ‘Hurtin Me’, featuring French Montana, Steff revealed that she has recorded music with Drake and says they will be doing more before she releases anything!

Who remembers the ‘Snapchat incident’? Stef explained that it was misunderstood as it was part of a two part story that people ignored and mentioned rapping in Dutch and wanting to work with popular Dutch rappers Broederliefde.

As always, I am a huge fan of DJ Dubl, I think he asks great questions, creates a friendly environment to get the best answers from the interviewee and Stefflon Don is honest, and a lovely, down to earth person to interview!

Definitely watch this one, guys!