Solid 806 says it all with ‘Count On The Money’

A couple of days into 2019 and Solid 806 has sent some blessings are way with ‘Count On The Money’ the song comes through sounding very well crafted and personifies exactly what Solid 806 is about and that’s making some unique music.

You can always count on solid 806 for a good video and that’s what we get with the video for ‘Count On The Money’ Literally the pengest girl in the world is in the video for this song. Solid 806 plays it cool and looks like a natural in front of the camera. The song has a different vibe to it, it sounds like Solid 806 has really thought about the fine details with this one and it flows very well from start to finish.

The beat is so cold on this I thought I was finnish for a minute.  This guy is tipping Solid 806 to really be a breakout artist in 2019, ‘Count On The Money’ really shows he know his knowledge about the current climate of urban music within the UK.

The visuals are brought to us by L Davis and they really don’t let us down. They capture the moment that Solid 806 created and it made for a so solid moment.

Make sure you go and check out the video.